Les Clapàs

This walk officially starts in the center of Saint Chinian, but if you want to save yourself a climb, you drive to Le Moulin du Rocher by car. You can park on the left side of the road and start the route there (point 2). The route is signposted in blue.

It is a nice, not too heavy and varied walk, through vineyards and undergrowth and along the clapàs. These are stone-stacked walls that were laid throughout the landscape in the old days. Especially in the spring it is a feast of yellow flowering broom. Along the way beautiful views over the Col de Fontjun and Cébazan. Through winding paths you descend to reach a restored 16th century Four à Chaux (old lime oven). Then it goes up again. Along the way you will see various capitelles. You can shorten the walk by skipping points 7 and 8. If you start and end the walk at the mill, it is approximately 8 km long.

This is route number 43 from the hiking box, but it is also described and downloaded on www.cirkwi.com