There is a lot to see in the meadow surroundings of Saint Chinian and Babeau-Bouldoux. Beautiful cities, fortresses and castles, cozy seaside resorts and beautiful nature. It is too much to mention. That is why we limit ourselves to what is reasonably achievable in a day.
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Minerve, a village in the Minervois, is on the list of the 153 most beautiful villages in France. In the village, the river Briant joins the Cesse. Because both streams have embedded themselves tens of meters deep in the limestone, a well-defended plateau was created at the confluence to which Minerve owes its existence.
In addition to the old defenses, the nearby village is also known for the Grande Grotte where the River Cesse has made an underground passage. You can walk this passage for most of the year. While the water of the Cesse only appears above ground after heavy rainfall, the Briant flows above ground. As a result, there are some waterfalls below the village where you can also swim in the summer.
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Canal du Midi
Het Canal du Midi (letterlijk: Kanaal van het Zuiden) is een 250 km lang kanaal door Frankrijk tussen Toulouse en de Middellandse Zee. Het in 1681 door Pierre Paul Riquet en zijn 12.000
werkers gegraven kanaal heeft veel romantische plekken. Langs de oevers kunt u op veel plaatsen picknicken. Het kanaal met 66 sluizen is sinds 1996 het 22e van de 25 Franse erfgoederen, vermeld in de Unesco Wereld erfgoedlijst.
Huur een boot in het Canal du Midi en u maakt kennis met een uitgebreide hoeveelheid bezienswaardigheden.
Het Canal du Midi is een magische plek om te ontspannen en te dagdromen. De fietsroute van het Canal du Midi tussen Carcassonne en Beziers loopt dwars door een een regio, die rijk is aan geschiedenis en lokale specialiteiten. In het hart van het land van de Katharen kunt u onder meer het fort van Carcassonne bezoeken, de beroemde cassoulet van Castelnaudary proeven, een bezoek brengen aan de kathedraal van Narbonne en het centrum van Beziers. Geniet van de mooie omgeving en laat u leiden door het water!
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Béziers is world famous for its 9 élocks in the Canal du Midi, which are on the World Heritage List. Both the Canal du Midi and the Orb flow through Béziers. The city is known as one of the oldest cities in France. Today, there is a lot to see and do in b Béziers. For example, there is the Saint-Nazaire cathedral, located in the old part of the city. This cathedral can be seen far beyond the city, and is a good example of the Gothic architecture of the fourteenth century.
Other nice sights are the two arenas in the city, and the museum of fine arts. Finally, there is the beautiful old town, where you can safely spend an afternoon. The beautiful old streets and the pretty squares ensure that you can walk around for hours. Béziers is a beautiful city, ideal for an outing or as a base for a holiday in the area!
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The center of Narbonne is located at the Place de l’Hotel de Ville. The shopping streets are built around it. In addition to the town hall, the square also houses the former Archbishop's Palace, which is now a museum of painting, sculpture and archeology. Just behind the square is the Cathedrale Saint Just et Saint Pasteur. Narbonne is one of the oldest cities in France and a great day trip destination. Stroll through the cozy streets, admire the monumental buildings and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere in this beautiful, colorful city!
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Carcassonne is a fortified city and is approximately 90 km southeast of Toulouse, between the Montagne Noir and the Pyrenees. The city is located on both sides of the River Aude and the Canal du Midi also runs through the city. After Paris and the Mont-Saint-Michel, Carcassonne is the largest tourist attraction in France. The most famous attraction is the fully restored fortified old town, La Cité de Carcassonne. This 'Ville fortifiée de Carcassonne' has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. It is an exceptional example of a medieval city in Europe, almost completely preserved, and the largest preserved fortress from the Middle Ages.
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A must see! Peyrepertuse is an impressive Cathar castle and a special piece of architecture high on top of the limestone rocks in the French department of Aude. Via a short climb along the steep cliffs you reach the remains of the castle and you will also be rewarded with a wide view over the town of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse and the beautiful rugged surroundings.
In the Middle Ages this was one of the fortresses of the Cathars and was reasonably spared during the Albigenic crusade. The lord of the castle, Guilhem de Peyrepertuse, did not want to submit for a long time and remained loyal to the Cathar cause until the fall of Carcasonne. In the year 1250 the castle came into the hands of the French crown and the construction of the 'escalier Saint-Louis', a long rock staircase that connects the lower part of the castle with the higher part, was started.
Every year, in the month of August, a medieval festival is held at the castle and in the village of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse for two days with medieval shows, concerts, banquet, market and activities.
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Montpellier is a city with contrasts. It is primarily a lively city where you will not get bored. There is always something going on somewhere. It is a university town, near the Mediterranean Sea and therefore ideal for a city break with a lazy afternoon on the beach.
Montpellier is a harmonious mix of old and new. The capital of the Languedoc is constantly changing. Look at the Fabre Museum, the Amazon forest or the Mare Nostrum marine aquarium. All recent projects that give the city a unique appearance and only emphasize its dynamic spirit.
The historic district of Ecusson consumes all your energy and attention because the city lives enormously here. It is attractive and the diversity of shops and restaurants in combination with pedestrian zones make it very pleasant. Each street has its own specialty such as: antiques, maps, regional dishes and so on.
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Babeau-Bouldoux is a 35-minute drive from the Mediterranean Sea. The numerous popular seaside resorts such as Valras, Vendres, Cap d'Agde, Sête, Narbonne and many many others are easily accessible.
One of the nicest coastal towns is Coullioure, a charming and cozy village located at the foot of the Pyrenees near the Spanish border. A destination that seems to come straight from a postcard, with the royal castle on the sea, the harbor with its characteristic boats, pebble beaches, terraces, the old town with its narrow rustic streets. A beautiful setting that can be admired from the chapel of the islet of Saint-Vincent. As a result, Collioure has long been a meeting place for various famous artists, including Pablo Picasso.
Reportedly, you can enjoy the most delicious anchovies in the world here. This is freshly caught outside the village and prepared in the dozens of restaurants around the bay. As a snack, a specialty of the village is "Le Croquant", a cake sprinkled with almonds or chocolate chips is definitely worth a try.
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